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“Geotec is a green energy and alternative resource company. Geotec uses patented, proprietary technology to maximize energy yield from the company’s diverse inventory of hydrocarbons. Geotec’s green and alternative energy technology programs are about innovation, efficiency, and renewal of natural resources and clean burning fossil fuels. The development of Geotec’s energy properties will enhance shareholder value through the sale of both energy and energy technology.”

The development of contractual relationships has expanded Geotec’s coal asset base in the United States and Argentina. The business combination of international and domestic coal assets and associated technologies guarantees Geotec’s ability to capitalize on the world need to utilize it’s largest fossil fuel resource, coal. The leased and owned properties have coal in various forms, ranging from “in ground” virgin reserves, acquired active mines, culm, gob piles, slurry ponds and specialty market coal, such as metallurgical coking coal. The reserves in Argentina provide high and low volatile asphaltite, one of the most unique types of bituminous coal. Geotec has properties that are permitted, some that are bonded, and others that have amenities such as being favorably located to rail and barge facilities. The coal inventory and subsequent land reclamation through immediate re-vegetation and re-forestation will be value maximized the company’s acquired technologies. Our technologies include proprietary protein/enzyme technology created through recombinant engineering through a combination of recombinant engineering with inductive and inhibitive proteolysis chemistry and gasification equipment. These technologies not only increase Geotec’s underlying value created by the assets, they enable Geotec to continue to establish itself as a more profitable company.